Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Foam Cup on Aerolineas Argentinas

A Foam Cup on Aerolineas ArgentinasNo, this isn't very exciting to look at. The only reason I'm mentioning it is because this was of so little value that I wonder why they even bothered with it. Basically, all they provided in economy class today was a selection of some basic drinks like Coke or water, poured out of a big plastic bottle into a tiny little foam cup that was already half filled with a giant ice cube such that you could barely get a couple sips out of it (I ended up eating the ice cube too like a dehydrated man combing the desert).

Granted, this domestic (and heavily delayed) flight was less than two hours, and I think that the cabin service was delayed until the tail end of the flight in part due to turbulence, so it's not like anyone can expect much here. But even with that, I would have thought to at least have one or two local Argentian selections at your disposal, or at least maybe a little bag of nuts or something. Oh well.

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