Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Delyse on UA First Class (again)

Delyse Gourmet Supreme Mix

Darn. When I boarded the plane today, I noticed a tray with a salad sitting in the galley, thus suggesting to me that we got food on this return flight to Chicago. But alas, all we got was the snack mix again. Not that I was complaining. Again, this Delyse mix is actually one of the better ones, featuring only the nuts that I like (almonds) and none of those nuts that I dislike (walnuts and cashews), plus some light crackers with just the right amount of seasoning to give it taste, but not so much so as to give you dragon breath.

But I wonder what that salad was for. It wasn't for the next leg of the flight, as the flight attendant suggested that ongoing passengers get out at O'Hare to get some food due to the lack of lunch service. Then again, she was broadcasting to the entire cabin, so maybe First Class gets something. I just won't be around to find out.


回春 said...

If you're flying UA first class you do get food, even on a short trip like LGA-ORD. I didn't get first very often when I was commuting, but when I did, I did enjoy not having to squeeze for food.

Thank grud someone else was paying for the flight though.

bma said...

Not quite...first class from ORD to ATL only provides those nuts, like I was pointing out. I suspect that they don't bother when the flight is less than two hours, and Atlanta was right on that edge from Chicago.

回春 said...

Whoops, you're right. I think you're also right about the 2 hour boundary for getting food.

You only get food in economy if you're doing long-haul, I suspect. On the LGA-SFO flight we got sandwiches (the generosity!)