Saturday, December 31, 2005

"Plane Snacks" on a United Express regional jet

Plane Snacks

SQ easily has some of the best food in the skies, but I really hate how they give you plain old peanuts with your drinks. Many of the American airlines will serve something much better; usually some pretzel mixes with tasty crackers or something, like Delyse Gourmet Supreme Mix (I think part of the reason they do so is to satisfy people allergic to peanuts though). Today on my short flight out of Columbia, I got something I had never seen before: "Plane Snacks," which were crackers shaped like little planes. Actually, the faux ranch-dressing powder taste got a bit annoying after a few nibbles (and it gives you a nasty dragon breath), but it still beats SQ's plain old peanuts any day.

Here's to hoping that SQ starts serving some better in-flight drink accompaniments soon; my vote is for a pretzel and cracker mix - or maybe make a unique localized cracker or something. (Or simply start serving satay in all flights and cabins.)

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Anonymous said...

That's because you fly business class sometimes. The disparity between economy and business is pretty wide. If you only fly economy, it's horrible. The leg room is inhumane for tall people and the food can be quite bad on some routes.

We've never gotten a cold bread roll on Cathay or other Asian airlines, but we did many times on SQ.