Sunday, July 31, 2005

SQ Raffles Class - Nancy Oakes


Nancy Oakes is known for Boulevard in San Francisco, which I've never been to before. If this morning's meal is any indication of the food there, then I'll definitely want to head there next time I'm in the Bay Area. Her exclusive creation today was the "grilled beef mignon and Portobello mushroom" and I must say it was pretty darned good (much better than the previous meal).

The photo here looks a bit nasty with those white spots, but I think those were "foam" from the butter (or was it oil?) that was drizzled all over the meat. Use your imagination though - that oil made it really good and rich. The mushroom further complemented that very well. Mmm...quite tasty. I wish more chichi places would keep things simple like Nancy did here.

Quite nice. I'm gonna try to hit Boulevard next time I'm in SF. I know it's been a top-rated Zagat place for a long time now.

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