Friday, June 30, 2006

UA Domestic First Class Sandwich?

UA Domestic First Class Sandwich

The flight attendant said that the meal choices tonight were either a roast chicken or a turkey sandwich. Neither of those descriptions was very accurate. My sandwich was actually sliced sausages, bell peppers, and melted cheese onto a single open slice of bread that you pretty much had to eat with a (plastic) knife and fork. The other meal looked a lot better, as the roast chicken was actually a salad. But I really didn't want to eat this filling stuff. At least the chocolate chip cookie was warm and moist.

Nuts in a porcelain cup - and ginger ale on an airplaneIt looks like they do still have the porcelain cups for the nuts after all (and they heated the crap out of the thing too). Like my glass of ginger ale on the airplane, BTW?

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I have never stumbled across any blog that reviews airline food.

Good fun to read!! :D