Thursday, March 27, 2008

Shaka Shaka Chicken from McDonald's Japan

Shaka Shaka Chikin - Chizu

I know, I know - the past few meals haven't exactly been the healthiest things in the world. But there were so many promotions for this Shaka Shaka Chicken stuff from McDonald's that curiosity got the better of me when we passed by yet another one of the Golden Arches here in Tokyo.

The instructions on the wrapper pretty much explain it already: choose a powder mixture (in my case, cheese), dump it into the bag where your deep fried chicken patty rests, seal the bag and shake it up, and then open it and eat away. In that sense, it was a bit like Typhoon popcorn from Hawaii. And I suppose that if you got the spicy flavor, then it might taste like those Taiwanese chicken things. Then again, one could also say that it was nothing more than one of their chicken burgers sans the bun.

It wasn't exactly anything that I'll eat again, but it was amusing as well as easy on the wallet at only 100 Yen (US$1). Anyway, let's file this under localized McDonald's items.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Shaka the Japanese name for the Indian prince guy who became Buddah?

Anonymous said...

If you do crave something similar when you are back, try Mos burger. I ordered what I thought would be a fried drumstick but it turned out to look like what you have in the picture. It tasted like minced chicken fashioned into a flat drumstick shape.

Anonymous said...

i love shaka shaka chicken!! I love it a little too much unfortunately :(