Monday, February 11, 2008

Korea's BBQ Chicken in Singapore

Hot Hot Drum

I was intrigued when I had read about these guys a while back: a fried chicken chain from Korea that had arrived in Singapore? (Cathay Cineleisure Orchard #B1-04, 6887-3638) Why did they call themselves BBQ Chicken when clearly the place served fried stuff instead? If I read it correctly, "BBQ" here stood for "Best of the Best Quality," even though they did have some barbequed stuff on the side too.

Anyway, their main pitch was that they used extra virgin olive oil and 30 natural seasonings to fry their "Olive Luxury Chicken." It had a very thick batter and definitely tasted different, although really not in the way that I had hoped. I also got some of their "hot hot drums," which basically then slathered some kind of a spicy Korean sauce on the chicken...kinda like Korean buffalo wings, I suppose, but using gigantic drumsticks instead. I liked the spiciness, but the sweetness was almost candy-like and borderline annoying.

I won't be running back here anytime soon, although I am a bit intrigued by the Jerk BBQ chicken that was stated on the menu as using a "Korean style barbeque sauce" rather than anything Jamaican. Regardless, it is interesting to see how many cultures around Asia that do fried chicken, be it Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, or Taiwan. And all of this time I figured fried chicken to be from the South.


A said...

Thanks for this, I pass by here everyday and always wanted to try it. Not anymore!

Love your blog!

Anonymous said...

To be honest, that piece of chicken on the photo does NOT look tasty at all.

stimmyills said...

The korean jerk chicken is really bad, and for 9 bucks for one small piece, not really worth it.

its really really really bad and not any value for money at all.

Anonymous said...

I liked BBQ chichen in Korea. This is quite famous brand in korea.
I haven't tried it in Singapore yet. So I'm not sure that taste will be same here as in Korea. Most of Korean food in Singapore are altered to Singaporean way. That's what I feel - sweater or saltier than in Korea. Someday I will try.