Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Marrybrown at Changi Airport (again)

Chicken Fillet Burger Hotouch

I'm getting a bit sick of all that airplane food lately, so I figured I'd skip the airplane meal this time around and load up at the airport instead. That Marrybrown place at Changi Airport was surprisingly good last time, so I came back to give it a try.

I wanted to try something different, and noticed that they had two types of chicken burgers: one being the aptly named "Chicken Burger," but the other one being the "Chicken Fillet Burger." Hmm...does that mean that the Chicken Burger is not a fillet? I asked the lady and she said that they were both boneless, but the Chicken Fillet Burger is spicy ("Hotouch," as they put it). Anyway, it wasn't too bad. It's so interesting to come all the way to Southeast Asia to get pretty good fried chicken that would more likely be found in parts of the Southern US instead.

The Dinner Spread at the SATS Lounge TonightAnd I don't know why, but last time I went to Marrybrown, I came to the lounge afterwards to find a dinner spread laid out. This time was no different. I didn't eat any of this though - I'm kinda glad that I ate that fried chicken instead.

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alert5 said...

Imho, one of the best fried chicken can be found at Arnold's at City Plaza. They only cook the chicken when you order it. So its piping hot when its served.