Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Fried Chicken Shop on Phrabaramee

The Colonel has some competition

Jackpot! After a failed attempt to get fried chicken at a tourist trap last night, we found these ladies at 163/5 Phrabaramee here in Patong attracting a sizeable hoard of locals at lunchtime today. Not only were the typical drumsticks, wings, and breasts available, but also chicken feet should you so desire. Perhaps more interestingly, they also had some hallmarks of my favorite Issan cuisine, such as som tam, larb, and little servings of sticky rice. Cool!

Now, the fried chicken was not as crispy I was hoping for, but they were much lighter than that heavily battered stuff from the Colonel, and the savory taste paired up perfectly with the sticky rice and plate of raw veggies. I asked for some pork-based larb moo too, only to realize that this was a Muslim stall, so I ended up getting a delightfully spicy (if liver-laced) beef larb instead. Gotta love how generous she was with the rice powder in there too.

Beef LarbThumbs up. If you're particular about things like flies swarming about, then maybe this place isn't for you. But if you couldn't care less about them and yet don't want to take a drive out to Phuket Town just to get a quick lunch, then try coming down here. I don't know the name of the place since it's in Thai, but it's on the south side of the street a few hundred yards in from the beach, and the sign featured a Coke bottle on it. Look for the red awnings and a crowd of locals surrounding the piles of fried chicken.


Anonymous said...

hi, if you like isaan cuisine, perhaps you could try Esarn Thai Restaurant at No. 20 Sixth Avenue (Opposite Guthrie House, next to Brazil Churrascaria, Tel: 64625608). It's quite good!

Anonymous said...

I recently discovered your blog whilst searching for Cantonese recipes and enjoy it immensely. You've provided quite a culinary, educational experience for this NYer. Keep up the good work and happy eating! ~G