Sunday, July 23, 2006

Polo Fried Chicken, Bangkok

Clockwise from bottom right: Polo fried chicken, sides of veggies, sticky rice, shredded beef, and papaya salad

You know a place is bound to be good when you arrive to find a bag of pork rinds and two types of hot sauces sitting at your table already. A reader had recommended this place (thanks!), located at 137 Soi Polo/Sanamkee, a tiny little street on the east side of Wittayu/Wireless Road (1252-2252) just north of the Suan Lum Night Bazaar and the Lumpini Police Station. As the name suggests, the specialty here is the fried chicken. And this isn't exactly a thick batter with the Colonel's secret recipe or anything like that...these guys have some deep-fried garlic (and those are the miniature Thai variety of garlic, BTW) showered all over this surprisingly moist and tender chicken. It pretty much tasted like it sounds, even though the garlic was a bit salty.

We grabbed a few other things while we were at it, including a requisite papaya salad, which they made extra spicy upon our request, as well as some shredded beef thing. But the latter was unfortunately way too sweet for me (it was almost honey-like). Nonetheless, they provided the standard-issue sticky rice and raw basil/cabbage/string beans on the side. All of this plus a plate of noodles and two bottles of water ran for only 240 Baht (US$6).

Check out that big bowl of deep fried garlic in the bottom right corner

Still, I don't know how much I'll be itching to come back, as I think that a couple stories published in Time and the New York Times that I had also read about this place had built it up a bit too much for me. But, by and large this was good and very unique, and I'm glad to have come here.


Anonymous said...

hi, its me again the guy that told you about the place, glad you enjoyed it, but you didnt get the crab salad!! that thing is awesome, next time, just try a small plate of it if your going there again.

bma said...

Crap - yeah, I realized that afterwards. In retrospect though, was the crab salad simply the salty raw crab added to the papaya salad (like in this photo), or was it a purely crab thing on its own?