Thursday, April 20, 2006

No Signboard Seafood - Now At The Esplanade

White Pepper Crab

Hey it looks like No Signboard opened up a shop at the Esplanade (6336-9959) - oooh...classy! Anyway, this place has always been one of the best local seafood shops around, with a decently spicy chili crab (and deep fried buns for dipping), as well as of course their signature white pepper crab. I used to like the more delicate-tasting white pepper crab better than the more commonplace (and edgier) black pepper crab. But I eventually ate so much of the white pepper crab that I got a bit tired of it, thus now preferring black pepper crab instead.

Deep Fried Butter Chicken

So I hadn't had white pepper crab in quite a long time...until tonight, that is. It was still just as good as I remembered it, but I have to admit that I still prefer black pepper crab instead. I was quite impressed with the Deep Fried Butter Chicken though...that was surprisingly tender and tasty (I suppose it's because of the butter...and it's nothing like Indian butter chicken).


Anonymous said...

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tlc said...

Like most restaurants that branch out, there will always be the few exceptional ones that stand out for the quality of its food. No Sign Board at the Esplanade, is great for visitors, with its central location. For great bites, hit the No Sign Board at Kallang, and its main branch in Geylang.

venitha said...

Could you please post something about HOW you eat these crabs? I spend the entire meal dissecting the thing and making an enormous mess, and I always leave hungry because I found so little that seemed edible.