Saturday, February 11, 2006

Prawn Mee and Soup Kambing at Adam Road

Dry Prawn Noodle

Dry chili powder at your disposalThe hawker center at Adam Road has a number of notable food stalls. One of these is Noo Cheng Adam Road Prawn Noodle (stall number 27), which is apparently now open late until 2 AM. This guy's was probably the best one out of all the prawn noodle bowls I've had recently. The noodles are tasty with a healthy kick of chili, and the prawn is conveniently cut longitudinally, which makes it loads easier to shell. And while I'm still not a huge fan of the soup (due to its sweetness), it's still better than the other shops (that's why I stick to the "dry" noodles). It's not a lot of food, but it's only S$4 (US$2.35).

Soup Kambing - the S$3

That means that there is enough room in your stomach to sample other dishes here too. I also hit up the Bahrakath Mutton Soup King (stall number 10), who boasts of awards from SBestFood and Singapore Food Map. His kambing soup is simply awesome: full of rich flavor with a spicy bite, complete with extra tenderly cooked mutton and fried shallots and cilantro to cinch the taste. Yum. The ugly greenish brownish color may look like hell, but it sure tastes like heaven. And it all starts at just S$3 (US$1.75) - or more if you want more stuff in it.

Soup Kambing - in a hanging takeaway baggieIn fact, I liked this guy so much that I grabbed a bowl to go (or "take-away" as they say here) for the next day. Takeout in Singapore is done in a bit of an interesting way if your food is of a hot fluid form like soup or hot tea: they pour it into a plastic baggie. This can be a bit strange since you really can't drink soup from a bag without pouring it into a bowl of your own first, but apparently the baggies are cheaper than plastic bowl-like containers. It can also be a bit weird with hot tea or coffee since you can't fit it into a cupholder - instead, find a hook somewhere to hang it from, and then use the straw sitting in the bag. Anyway, it helps to have a bowl or cup of your own at your disposal - either that, or cough up a little more money and tell them to put it in a styrofoam cup or plastic bowl.


Mama BoK said...

Ya.. i hate it.. when they give it to me in plastic bags too..!
Now i thought after so many years.. things would be different.. but i see not eh..??

Tym said...

Styrofoam cups for takeaway hot drinks and plastic boxes for takeaway soup are much more common in hawker centres nowadays. But I still like the plastic baggies --- to console myself that it's not as environmentally damaging to eat and throw? I usually prefer to transfer my food/drink from the baggie into my own container anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I recently found a food centre near tiong bahru plaza that sells this traditional chinese breakfast called rickshaw noodles, one bowl for one dollar. You could go check it out since I noticed you like traditional breakfasts. if i'm not wrong it's Beo Crescent Market. Just wanted to share. :)

Anonymous said...

There is good prawn mee soupwith pork rib .The pork ribs are so nice and tender.Its near Jackson center, right next to the turtle soup store. Can't remember the name of the place. It closes once a month on Mondays.

Anonymous said...

for best prawn mee, go to Pek Kio Market. The stall is closed on Monday. If you do go, the stall is the one with the Singapore Best Food Certificate displayed.