Saturday, February 11, 2006

Catchup Chronicles #7: Amsterdam

I wish I had started this blog about four years ago, when I really started to give my passport and frequent flier accounts a workout, going to new places around the world. Well, in an effort to try to make up for some of that, I've dug up some old photos that I've taken, and will post them here in sections from time to time (especially when I don't see any upcoming travel for a while). This episode: Amsterdam.

A Savory Pancake

A Bucket of SyrupHere is a pancake from The Pancake Bakery (Prinsengracht 191 near the Anne Frank house, 020-625-13-33). They've got a very wide range of ingredients, ranging from sweet to savory (and a huge bucket of syrup at the table for you to douse with). I had a savory one - although so many years have passed since this trip that I really don't remember much about it. I think it was more thin-pizza/crepe-like than a pancake though.

Another interesting meal that we had in Amsterdam was rijsttafel ("rice table"), or little Indonesian dishes kept warm on burners for Dutch colonists (sorry - it looks like I didn't take a photo of that). I was not a huge fan of Indonesian food to begin with, but I do remember some of the little dishes did have a good spicy kick to them. I think that was also my first experience with soto ayam - ironically, getting it in Europe for the first time despite having lived right next door to Indonesia for a year or two by then.

A Kebab PlatterHere's a kebab platter from a random shop in one of the alleyways of the city. I really don't remember if this was any good - it was eaten on pure impulse and haste one afternoon - but it's pertinent given all the various kebabs that I've been hitting up around the world lately.

Unfortunately, I don't really have many other photos (nor memories) of Dutch food. Putting mayo on fries isn't as nasty as it sounds though - I actually rather enjoy it (especially while stumbing around late at night craving food).

SQ Seared NZ Lamb Chops

And here's just the final meal on the long-haul flight back - seared New Zealand lamb chops - thanks to SQ's Book the Cook service.


Michael said...

So did you have any meals or photos from the coffee shops? :D On my trip to Amsterdam, we arrived a day early, and finally found a hotel to check-in to at 10 pm, and had no idea where to go after that, so we ended up eating at a Chinese restaurant... oh well... the next day, our next meal was McDonald's for breakfast because we had to hurry and catch our reservations at another hotel... at least we made it to the coffee shops though... :D

Anonymous said...

hey just wondering, wat r u working as? i'd love to have a job that allows me to travel as frequently as u do!

Anonymous said...

Yup i agree totally with anonymous. Wat do u do actually? Travelling around and all the eating. We should form a eating tour soon :)Me and my friends read yr blog pretty often and will try out food u recommended and recommends food that we tried that are good too. :p