Sunday, July 17, 2005

Indonesian ("bundut"?) oxtail soup

Wow, I just keep get proven wrong about Indonesian food. Today for lunch, I had another tasty (and non-sweet) meal. Billed on the menu of the Taming Sari restaurant (at the Turi Resort) as "often imitated but never replicated," this oxtail soup was savory and light. A very refreshing and satisfying light broth with tender to the bone oxtail meat and some kind of fried crackers on top. Add some lime again for taste, and eat with rice and little pickles. It was surprisingly good.

I've also got a newfound appreciation for the chili sauce in Indonesia. It's not always the sweet sauce that I hate. They also have plain chili with no sugar at all. Maybe there is just a little lime juice, but that's it. There isn't even any garlic in it, which one would imagine to be a requisite ingredient in chili sauce, but its absence actually produces a clean and fresh taste too. I wouldn't mind this from time to time, and for that matter, I won't be as opposed to eating Indonesian food from now on. At least, for the clear light soups.


sherine said...

hiya hungryboy,

think u're referring to "buntut" - which means the bum in malay ;)

cheers to good food!

elaine said...

well, i'm indonesian. and if u wanna try the best Buntut Soup, u should go to Borobudur Hotel, it's expensive but so delicious... or u can reach it in Venus Bistro in Mal Taman Anggrek! ;) enjoy it :)