Friday, December 30, 2005

Buffalo Wings, Clams, and Crab Legs

Buffalo Wings

Mmm...I love Buffalo wings, and the wings today here in South Carolina were great: naked without any breading and with a good hot sauce. It got nasty when it was cold, but this was leagues better than what I could get back in Singapore.


And of course, I love American seafood too. The clams were surprisingly served without any broth, but they came with a side of cold clam juice. That was a bit weird, but the butter was awesome as it had a bit of a lemony twist to it.

Crab Legs

Finally, we got the crab legs, which were easy to crack open and also benefitted from the lemony-butter. Yum - I love this stuff. This is real American food that I've got to get while I'm out here.

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Anonymous said...

Yours is one of the better food blogs. Keep up the good work with the (mostly)enticing food pics and reviews. For what it's worth, I prefer your blog to Chubby Hubby, supposedly a Straits Times endorsed blog.