Thursday, September 29, 2005

Buffalo Wings at Brewerkz

Buffalo Wings

I went back to Brewerkz today to try to reverify what I found last night. Unfortunately, it turned out that the etoufee is not served at lunch time. Crap. Well, at least I could get the buffalo wings.

So, did the beer cloud my judgment last night? Not really. The buffalo wings still turned out decently good, with the solid suicide sauce, blue cheese dressing, and not much meat on the bones. Actually, it wasn't that consistent: some wings were relatively crispily fried with not much meat on the bone (yay!), but some other wings near the bottom were a bit too meaty and soggy. Regardless, the suicide sauce proved consistently spicy and sour, as it did yesterday. So if the wing quality would just be consistent, then we're in business.

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dimsumdolly said...

i had a very bad experience with the buffalo wings at Brewerkz the last time i went. They were way too salty--i felt like i was eating a pillar of salt. I don't think i'll ever order them again!