Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Etoufee at Brewerkz

Just the other day I was thinking how I'll never get cajun food in Singapore, and lo and behold, Brewerkz (30 Merchant Road, #01-05/06 Riverside Point, 6438-7438) had a fried catfish and shrimp etoufee on the menu. Still unconvinced, I told myself that it couldn't be good, and that there was no way they could do it right. But damn, that was a shocker - it was really good. It doesn't look like much here (sorry for the crappy picture here as we were seated outside at night, and my cameraphone sucks), but it was rich, spicy, tender, and fresh all at the same time. The food at Brewerkz had always been a bit so-so to me, so this was seriously a surprise. Wow.

Note that Brewerkz is not a cajun place (in fact, the waiter was baffled when I told him I wanted the etoufee - he kept referring to it as "the catfish"). It is a microbrewery (owned by Canadians?) serving burgers and buffalo wings. Still, they had etoufee on the menu, and boy, was I glad I ordered it. Maybe it had just been so long since I've had cajun food.

Separately, the buffalo wings (get the "suicide" sauce, of course) were surprisingly good today (spicy, sour, greasy, yet crisp), in contrast to lackluster Brewerkz experiences in the past. I wonder if all that pre-dinner beer distorted my taste buds, or if the food really was that good. Well, there's one way to find out: I'm going back there soon!


Anantya said...

your site makes my tummy growl and makes me depressed.

w. said...

You should check out the BBQ baby back ribs too - get fries as the side order, they're fantastic! And I've always loved the mussels.

j. said...

awwww, the barbeque wings at brewerkz are brilliant! everything but the chilli bowl there is preeeettty damn good.

goddamn it, now i'm back in stodgy old england. grr.