Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Buffalo Wings & Things, Westwood Blvd

I ran into this place out of sheer luck - and perfect timing considering I was so disappointed earlier today that my favorite buffalo wings place, Big Red Wings in Santa Monica, had closed down. I wasn't sure of the quality of this place's wings, although the sauce labels looked very similar to Big Red Wings (it wasn't the same guy behind the counter though).

Fortunately, it turned out to be just like Big Red Wings: not much meat, lots of crispy skin, and a vinegary and spicy sauce. Add celery and carrot sticks with ranch dressing, and it was like Big Red Wings all over again. Yipee! This place, just like Big Red Wings, has the best buffalo wings I've ever tasted.


The Bacon Babe said...

Since when has it been okay to make ranch dressing the norm with buffalo wings? Maybe it's an east coast thing (where the "Buffalo" wing came from) but Blue cheese is the norm here and still the favorite among all of the peeps that I polled.

bma said...

Actually I prefer Blue Cheese too, but I find a lot of places I've gone to on the West Coast substitute ranch instead.

I can live with it, but I'd prefer Blue Cheese if I had the choice.

Ever been to Morton's to get the Sliced Beefsteak Tomatoes with chunky blue cheese dressing? Yum...