Tuesday, June 21, 2005

John's Grill, Ellis Street, SF


Perhaps it's a bit of a tourist trap - this place was billed as being the "home of the Maltese Falcon" (I guess Humphrey Bogart's character came here to eat?). A very old place (over 100 years old), this place was dark, musty, and wood-paneled, but still cozy and welcoming. And the food was American fare. I once again started with my usual steamed clams. Although the clams were definitely not as small as Hog Island's, they were still tender and fresh. And dare I say - the broth of butter, garlic, and white wine was just as good - if not better - than Hog Island's. I drank the entire thing. I've really gotta watch my shellfish/butter (cholesterol) intake - this can't be good for me.


Not making it any better, I had a ribeye steak after that, which was also tender and with just the right amount of fat (not much excess needed to be removed). It was grilled on the fire perfectly too - dare I say, nearly as good as Morton's?? (whoa - bold statement.) Finish it off with their homemade vanilla ice cream (thick and rich), and that was a very satisfying (albeit not super healthy, especially considering the heaping of sour cream that I drowned my baked potato in) meal.

If this place is a tourist trap (not even rated in Zagat), then the food certainly is surprisingly good. I've been here once before and don't remember it making such a favorable impression on me, but then again, that was 10 years ago.

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