Friday, June 30, 2017

Scouring Boat Quay's Izakayas for Cheap Eats

Mentaiko Omelette

Boat Quay was on my way home tonight, so I stopped at some of the izakaya there. My first stop was Katanashi, a place that I haven't been to in a while and whose menu seems to have expanded. I went for items on the specials list though, all of which were a delightfully affordable S$5-9 (US$3.60-6.50) each, including that mentaiko omelette above as well as some spinach and daikon. My only disappointment was not scoring the S$3 (US$2.20) sake, as that price only applied after 8 PM.

Obanzai Plate

After that, I hopped over to Izakaya Shindo (62 Boat Quay, 6532-0239). It opened earlier this year, and seems to be related to Himonoya over at Robertson Walk. The menu here wasn't as exciting as Katanashi's (it emphasized sushi too much in my opinion), but they did have this obanzai plate featuring little home cooked items like they do in Kyoto. It was good and cheap at only S$9.80 (US$7.10), but what perhaps got me even more excited was the impressively low-priced beer at only S$4.50 (US$3.30). Score!

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