Friday, October 12, 2012

Katanashi Japanese Tapas Bar in Singapore

Karaage and Potato Sarada

I had a few minutes tonight to grab a quick bite before rushing off to the other side of the island later, and this place was conveniently nearby for some quick suds and snacks (77 Boat Quay, 6533-0490). An outlet of a chain from Japan, it was basically a very small izakaya with a surprisingly limited menu, but that didn't mean it wasn't tasty.

That fried chicken above was done perfectly and was great when spiked with that yuzu-jalapeƱo paste on the side. I also got a raw scallop thing in a hot stone bowl that was delicious with its butter melting on top. I had to scramble after this, but I definitely plan to come back when I have more time to explore everything else that they have to offer.

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