Friday, August 14, 2015

Izakaya Himonoya at Robertson Walk


This izakaya from Japan was surprisingly difficult to get into (11 Unity Street #02-14, 6235-9110). Presumably it was because they were running a 50% off special during their opening weeks, but I got turned away twice when I tried to walk in previously (and one of the staff there wasn't very polite about it either, I might add). Fortunately, I was successful at securing a table tonight.

The menu was very seafood-focused, including their namesake himono dried fish, as well as a number of others like that tofu, uni, and ikura dish above. All of it was fresh and properly seasoned, making it a place that I don't mind eating at again. But I'm not going to be in any rush, especially if their service is still as stretched as it was today. I'm glad that I finally tried it though.

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