Sunday, November 20, 2016

JB Ah Meng in Geylang, Singapore

Fried Garlic Chili Clams and JB San Luo Mee Hoon

When we first got here (2 Lorong 23 Geylang, 6741-2418), the building looked oddly familiar. Wasn't this where the Whispering Man ran his stall back in the day? Yep. I'm not sure if these guys were here at the same time, but I guess it doesn't matter as they are moving to a new location soon.

Anyway, we came here because it was yet another Bib Gourmand shop. I wondered to myself what would've brought the Michelin inspectors to this dingy alley given the smell of the open dumpster wafting by the plastic chairs, but once I tasted the food, it was clear why they liked it. The food here was amazing! The clams above were savory and done with some kind of rice wine for a tinge of sweetness, and without the garlic nor chili overpowering it either. The odd-looking slab of bee hoon in the background was deliciously smoky yet not overly greasy nor drowning in some goopy sauce. And the salted egg prawns were battered lightly for crispiness, all without overdoing the salted egg.

Yes, yes, yes, a hundred times yes, I liked this place. And it was affordable too (at least, if one doesn't get any crab). My only gripe was that they didn't have a liquor license. All of that stuff above would have gone down great with some local beer on ice. Hopefully the new location will sell beer...or can you BYOB?

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