Sunday, November 13, 2016

White Restaurant: The Original Sembawang White Beehoon

Original Sembawang White Beehoon

For some reason, we've been on a bit of a white bee hoon craze lately. Most of the places we've tried have been a bit of a letdown, usually in that they were too watery. But since we were up in Punggol this afternoon, we figured that it woudn't hurt to swing over to Punggol Settlement to give these guys a try again (3 Punggol Point Road, 6702-2002).

The good thing is that they got the texture just right, with just the right amount of juice that didn't turn it into a soup. But I was a bit bummed that it wasn't as savory as I recall it being. I'd still be happy to come back though, particularly for the salted egg squid. We just need to remember to arrive promptly at their 5 PM opening hour if it's a weekend. By as early as about 5:30 PM, the line started getting ridiculous.

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I Love Teh Tarik! said...

Try the one at Ci Yuan CC...