Thursday, November 10, 2016

Banh Mi Brothers at Change Alley, Singapore

Bánh mì thịt nguội đặc biệt

I don't know whatever happened to that old chain Baguette, but it never quite did it for me. So it was kind of interesting then when I randomly passed through Change Alley today to find this shop in its place (16 Collyer Quay, 6535-7604). And they even offered phở from MRS PHO. I'm not sure if there is a common chef or owner, or if it's just a partnership, but given the name of the place, I focused on the bánh mì instead.

And it was good that I did, as the bread was impressively crisp and airy. It was laced with pâté and they didn't overdo the meat like Saigon Alley does. But alas, there weren't any of those delightfully hot Vietnamese chili peppers that Bami Express offers on demand. I wonder if I could have asked for those here too. Saigon Alley's tightly wrapped gỏi cuốn beats this place by far though.

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