Monday, April 13, 2015

Bami Express at Tanjong Pagar Plaza

Bami Saigon

Whoa - that was a surprisingly good bánh mì, perhaps even better than my leading favorite Sandwich Saigon. The shop was hardly noticeable; I just happened to be running an errand when I spotted some baguettes in a glass case in the distance. It has been open for a few months now and they bake bread on-site (1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-53, 6443-3079).

See, the bread was what made this thing good. They nailed it: it was light, airy, and crisp. To be sure, I didn't care for the sweetness of the shredded meat that they shoved into the Saigon special...some milder and cruncher headcheese would have been much better. But they still had pâté in there, which ultimately made it work.

Pro tip: ask them to load up on the sliced chili peppers, and most importantly, tell them *not* to put any of that shredded lettuce in there. Even the guy manning the shop tonight acknowledged that they only put lettuce in for the local palate, and that a proper Vietnamese bánh mì would not have any of it in there.

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alifelessordinary said...

great reco. I just went today and ordered exactly what you recommended about the lettuce and chilli!

been reading your blog since the days of noodle house ken, even ordered the porcini mushroom pizza at casa roma years ago and ordered it multiple occasions after that, now I live above icon and in total bliss with l'opperetta