Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bird Bird on Ann Siang Road, Singapore

Roast Chicken with Som Tum

I've never been to Artichoke. But I really liked their food when I tried it at the Suvai Festival. So when I heard that they had opened a Thai fried chicken place on the former grounds of Le Petit Navire, I came right on down (18 Ann Siang Road, 6635-2536).

Actually, I was here a few days ago. At the time, I only had enough stomach space to get some corn and fried chicken skins, both of which were tasty but heavier on the sauces than I would have liked. Still, it seemed encouraging enough to come back today, when they happened to be running a sampler menu.

It's too bad then that the som tum in this little tasting portion packed zero heat. And the grilled chicken underneath, while tender, wasn't anything that got me overly excited either. I'll come back one more time though: I still haven't had the fried chicken yet, and apparently their khao soi is worth a try too.

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