Monday, May 13, 2013

Le Petit Navire on Ann Siang Road

Small Degustation Platter

I've been wanting to come here for a while now (18 Ann Siang Road, 6221-6897). See, it's run by the folks at L'Angelus, featuring a bar that had a big selection of seafood sitting in a glass case for you to choose from. And since I had already eaten a bit before I got there, I figured that a little bit of shellfish would be just the right thing to complete my meal.

I didn't realize that I had ordered such a huge platter though. I felt bad for not being able to finish it all, but it was good to try, with the bulots (or whelks) in particular being an unexpected favorite (and conversely, the langoustine being a surprising letdown). Next time I'll just order individual portions, and let that bread and sinfully rich French butter fill the rest of the belly.

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