Friday, December 05, 2008

La Garduña, Barcelona


Geez that was a lot of food. Maybe it was the language barrier, as I thought the guy told me that the zarzuela was small enough for a single serving. But it arrived in a giant pan that was clearly meant for sharing. Well, it was good though. These guys were tucked away in the back of the La Boqueria market (18 Jerusalem, 93-302-4323), so clearly they could source their ingredients easily. And this stew was just filled with all sorts of goodies, including clams, langoustines, calamari, and three different kinds of fish. I practically had the entire ocean swimming in my belly afterwards.

Not everything here was this gigantic though - in fact, this was the most expensive item on the menu at €35 (US$45), whereas most items came in much closer to the €10 mark, including some daily set meals featuring an incredibly tender chicken today. The gambas al ajillo was also so fresh that the shrimp were mildly sweet. I just wish I had more stomach space in order to try more.

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