Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One Last Go at Khao Soi Before Leaving

Khao Soi

We stopped for breakfast at one of the restaurants at Chiang Mai airport before getting on the plane this morning (and interestingly, this restaurant was run by Thai Airways, of all things). They had khao soi on the menu, so I figured that this would be one last chance to eat it before leaving, especially given that my experiences yesterday weren't as inspiring as I had hoped.

It turned out to be basically the same thing. I loaded up on the condiments, which helped a little. But I think the problem is the wide noodles, which I believe are the more traditional Chiang Mai way. Every rendition that I've had outside of Chiang Mai has tended to use skinny noodles instead, which I liked better (and they tended to use boneless cuts of chicken, rather than the drumsticks that keep overwhelming the bowl up here). Anyway, my expectations are clearly a bit warped.

Note to self: the TG lounge at Chiang Mai airport is so tiny that it's actually more comfortable to sit in the main seating area next time.

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