Friday, July 31, 2015

Lunch at the Suvai Festival Today

Aloo Gobi Sabich

Told 'ya I'd be back to this place. That aloo gobi sabich above was probably one of my favorites today, with deliciously fried cauliflower inside, all dressed just nicely. Sure, it was probably more Israeli than it was Indian, but it was done by Chef Jonathan Lee of Artichoke in Singapore. I never wanted to go there before, but I'd consider going there now, especially since I loved his frozen chai dessert today too.

Other things that I had today included Sri Lankan chef Dhaithya Krawage's calamari lotus chip salad, which was a lot better that it sounded, and was pleasantly spicy at that. I had fun with some kind of potato and paneer croquette from Chef Vikenswaran, also from Singapore. Maybe tomorrow I'll try his tandoori baked snapper, perhaps along with some masala chicken sliders that I saw.

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