Thursday, July 30, 2015

Suvai Indian Gourmet Festival in Singapore

Garam Masala Tom Yum Rice

An Indian food festival started today at the same location as the World Street Food Congress a few months ago. But this time, it was running in a covered, air-conditioned setting (yay!). They had a number of stalls from Singapore, so I went to the overseas ones instead. My favorite was easily a mint and jalapeno chicken from Chef Irfan Pabaney from India, grilled nicely and seasoned just right.

Another nice surprise was Damu's Chicken Biryani from Chef K. Damodaran in India. Not only did it use some special type of rice to make it slightly sticky (in a good way), but it was also pleasantly spicy. Finally, I got that tom yum rice above from a Thai chef Thanyadar Suteedechanon. What the heck was Thai food doing at an Indian food festival? This one was made with garam masala.

I think I know where I'm going to be eating for the next four days. There were a number of other stalls that I hadn't tried yet, particularly a Sri Lankan one. And it was actually the Singapore-based chefs that seemed to have the most interesting dishes, some of them being more modern interpretations of Indian cuisine. It's just too bad that the drink selection here was so lousy.

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