Saturday, April 11, 2015

World Street Food Congress 2015 in Singapore

Deep Fried Shishamo

This show has come back, and just as with last time, most of the stalls were from Southeast Asia and India. Actually, there were a few American stalls, including East Side Kings from Austin, some dessert truck from Portland, and Bon Chovie from Brooklyn, which did these deep fried shishamo. Those simply seasoned things above were better than I thought they would be.


The only other stuff that wasn't from from the local area was Bratworks, which already has an outlet in Singapore anyway, as well as a Bolivian stall that was somehow affiliated with Claus Meyer. This antichucho was pretty boring, actually, with nothing that really excited me about neither the marinated pork nor the garnish. Too bad La Guerrerense didn't come out here again.

Ayam Taliwang

I thus ultimately then fell back on some Indonesian stalls, including this Ayam Taliwang that was supposed to be some super spicy thing from Lombok. The sauce did indeed pack some heat, but the meat was cold and soggy. I think the thing that I ended up liking the most today was nothing more than a simple soto ayam from Pak Sadi.

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