Monday, June 03, 2013

World Streetfood Congress 2013 in Singapore

Seafood Tostadas

I was looking forward to this event at the F1 Pit Building. Setup by that Makansutra guy and headlined by Bourdain himself, this was supposed to feature street food from around the world. So you can imagine my disappointment when I found out that most of the stalls were from Southeast Asia and India, the food of which is easily available around here. Sure, there were a few guys from the US and China, but they were largely from Portland in the case of the former and Hainan in the case of the latter. Whatever happened to food off the streets of Morocco, Brazil, or even Germany?

Well, for me, the star of the show was La Guerrerense from Mexico. Remember that Bourdain episode when he went to Baja? I was totally wowed by that sea urchin tostada scene, and now that lady was here, serving a deliciously fresh and savory seafood tostada that totally lit up when she cranked up the spices. She also made a campechana, but done in the lighter - and original - Mexican way. Unfortunately, she didn't have any sea urchin today, but that just means that I'll still have to go to Ensenada for the real deal eventually. BTW, why was that stall from the co-owner of Noma unmanned today??

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the Tostadas as well!