Sunday, April 14, 2013

Savour 2013 in Singapore

Quinoa Risotto, Bacon with Fried Jerusalem Artichoke Skin and Parsley Sponge

Last year, we had tickets to this food festival down at the F1 Pit Building and Paddock, but ran into a schedule conflict and had to give our tickets away. Fortunately, this year, we were able to make it, and immediately hit the "Village" portion of the event where a number of restaurants from around the world had set up stands. I tried to stick to the stalls from overseas, being pleasantly happy with a seared scallop dish from a South African place as well as some mackerel and pork belly dishes from a couple of Michelin-starred English restaurants. My favorite dish of the evening was this quinoa risotto above, a rich yet refined concoction from Mirazur in France. Awesome.

There were a lot of other things turning heads, of course, particularly these molecular xiao long bao from Bo Innovation in Hong Kong. It looked pretty and sounded interesting, although it wasn't anything that I'll get cravings for. It actually tasted more like hot and sour soup than it did a xiao long bao, while I didn't really care much for that thick skin and gooey texture. I was also a bit surprised to find that I didn't like the Peruvian food from Astrid y Gaston; now I'm no longer as motivated to go to his outlet back in San Francisco.

Truffle Kampachi

That's not to say that we skipped past all of the local shops though. Gunther's was there, serving that lovely cold angel hair pasta. That thing in a can above was from Mikuni at the Fairmont; it tasted fine, but was a bit more show than tell. A number of the Resorts World places were there too, including Robuchon as well as Osia (come to think of it, this was quite the anti-Marina Bay Sands event, and was much better too). Note to self: next year, be prepared to shell out for at least S$100 (US$80) in extra food vouchers while on-site, but also don't forget that there are tons of samples at the "Market" portion of the market to top up with later.

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