Friday, July 30, 2010

Osia, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore

Ceviche Platter

Joël Robuchon's restaurants haven't opened up at Resorts World yet, so we weren't quite sure of where to eat out here tonight. But as we tried to figure out the layout of this place, we came across this restaurant run by an Australian celebrity chef (8 Sentosa Gateway, 6577-6560). The menu looked good, and they even had counter seating...looked like my kind of place.

The meal started off spectacularly, especially with an order of their fantastic flat bread, which was made to order and accompanied by a cute little toothpaste-like tube of "spiced garbanzo," or effectively hummus (I liked it so much that I nearly wanted to just squeeze it directly into my mouth if social graces hadn't held me back). My grilled barramundi was also delicious, with a wonderful grilled aroma, all while staying moist and tender.

But we weren't big fans of the duck, nor were we huge on the lemon parfait that we grabbed for dessert, bringing what was initially a very encouraging meal to a bittersweet end. Well, those aside, this was still a worthwhile meal - I'd come back here just for the bread alone (and just as with the Sands, one does not need to pay the casino fee to come here). I wonder if they'd let me just sit at the counter eating nothing but multiple orders of that bread.

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