Friday, October 12, 2012

Gunther's Restaurant on Purvis Street

Cold Angel Hair Pasta and Oscietra Caviar

It's interesting: after all of these celebrity chef restaurants have opened up over the past couple of years, I had totally forgotten about many of the other high-end restaurants that had dominated Singapore in the past, and Gunther's was one of those (36 Purvis Street #01-03, 6338-8955). So when this place was selected as the venue for a business lunch today, the thought that immediately came to mind was, "Oooh...we're goin' old school!" And I wasn't getting my hopes up, in part also because of a forgettable meal at sister restaurant Garibaldi next door many years ago.

The meal turned out to be great. We didn't even bother with the menus. When they hauled out a tray full of fresh shellfish, produce, and even white truffles to showcase to us, we went straight for that, all while paired with that cold angel hair pasta above, which is apparently a signature dish of theirs. I enjoyed it all, especially since the cooking showcased the freshness of the ingredients rather than covering it all with sauce or making it flamboyant. Even the crunchy bread and rich butter on the side was hard for me to stop gobbling down. Granted, the bill must have been outrageous (thankfully, my gracious hosts picked up the tab), but I'll definitely come back here again.

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