Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong

Har Gow

On my way to the airport today, I stopped yet again at Hong Kong Station to see if there were anything interesting to eat before heading off. After walking around a bit, I finally stumbled upon what seemed to be a random dim sum shop (12A Podium Level 1 at IFC Mall, 2332-3078), whose freshness and quality were surprisingly good, especially as they were steamed to order and came out tongue-scaldingly hot. A uniquely savory chili oil on the side never hurt, and the prices were surprisingly cheap.

It was only after I got onto the Airport Express afterwards and Googled the name of this place did I realize that this was an outlet of that famous dim sum place in Mongkok that got a Michelin star; you know, the place run by the former Lung King Heen chef that is said to be the world's cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant? Wow. (That also means that I didn't need to eat at that crappy Cafe de Coral place on my way in yesterday; I could have had cheap Michelin-starred dim sum downstairs instead!)

Strangely enough, I found out that our corporate-hosted dinner last night was also Michelin-starred, and I didn't even realize it. Granted, in last night's case, I really didn't think much of the food there (and hence didn't post anything about it either; it seemed like just a typical hotel restaurant). But for today's meal, I can see why it has been getting so much attention. Next time I should try those metal rice bowls that I saw so many locals getting.

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