Monday, October 29, 2012

A Random Lunch at Café de Coral

Some Minced Pork Lunch

Yeah, I know; this place is pretty gross. But I was in a mad rush to get to several meetings after landing today, and that low-salt meal from the plane definitely wasn't going to last me until dinnertime. And yet I knew that I could be in and out of Café de Coral in less than ten minutes after getting to HK Station, so I popped in here and grabbed whatever they had. There really wasn't much to choose from, actually, as the menu board had pretty much cleared out already.

And I'm not quite sure of what I got either. It was some kind of minced meat thing with rice and veggies that fortunately tasted a little better than it looked, especially given the extra grease coming out of that meat (I poured it over my rice, making it easy to shovel down). This was definitely a case of needing to eat-to-live rather than living-to-eat.

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