Friday, August 07, 2009

A Chinese Steamed Rice Bowl Thing

Preserved Vegetable with Minced Pork Rice

I got this at a totally random food court stall that specialized in steamed Chinese soups along with a selection of rice bowls. It wasn't anything special (in fact, it got a bit mushy down at the bottom). But I was just amused by how the minced pork sat on top of the rice in a patty form, reminding me a bit of my usual negitoro-don from Narita.


Anonymous said...

If you like this steamed rice bowl, u shld try a stall at Blk 925 Yishun Central. I always order the same thing - #6 on its menu: steamed pork with salted fish. The stall gives a few stalks of bak choy at the top too. Eat it with the small chilli padi - yum!!!

p.s. that same coffee shop sells nice prawn noodles too. not fantastic but it's not too bad when u r craving for something soupy

JadedOne said...

You just ate my ultimate comfort food. My mom used to make those for me when I lived at home.

*manda said...

I highly recommend the Yishun one too. I think its 924 actually, but basically its the big coffeeshop. ITS AWESOME! I normally get the Stewed Pork Rice with Preserved Vegetables, and because I'm so greedy, I eat that with a bowl of Salted Vegetable Duck Soup or Watercress Soup on the side.

I really like the Dried Chilli Frog Leg Porridge at the same coffeeshop too, because the sauce isn't too starchy. And its great with extra dried chilli in.

Across at the next block they sell really good and cheap Laksa too. Go check it out :)