Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lung Kee Noodle, Mongkok, Hong Kong

Spicy Tendon Noodle

I normally pass on tendons. But this place had me thinking otherwise (104D Hak Po Street, 2390-3990). See, I was told by a colleague in passing that there was some famous beef noodle place around here, so I went on a hunt tonight. I wasn't sure what the name of the restaurant was, and there were a million late night noodle shops around here, so it took quite a while to find it. But when I did, I realized that this was that body builder place that Bourdain went to.

No, pictures of ripped dudes on the wall aren't exactly my cup of tea. But if the food was supposed to be good, then so be it. I got some kind of a spicy beef tendon noodle, whose ultra soft tendons didn't even resemble the rubbery things that I've come to dislike, and I wolfed this bowl down with ease, especially with the assistance of some nice firm eggy noodles and a light but spicy broth. The bowl was pretty small though, so I also got a bowl of wonton soup to go with it. This one was good enough to clear quickly too, although somehow I just can't seem to break my affinity for Mak's.

Anyway, this place was a b*tch to find, especially since Hak Po Street isn't exactly a very long nor large enough street to really show up on any maps. So here are the GPS coordinates as best as I could obtain: 22.3167 degrees north by 114.1774 degrees east. They were open until 12:30 AM on this Tuesday night. Don't look for any big restaurant - it was really just a little corner shop with an alleyway for seating.

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