Tuesday, November 04, 2014

East Side Kings in Austin, Texas

Poor Quis Bun and Some Avocado Mint thing

Every time I went to Austin, a food truck called East Side Kings kept showing up as a recommendation online. But because they did some kind of Asian fusion, I never bothered to go, especially since I had flown all the way over from Asia after all. Then I saw this place on an episode of Andrew Zimmern, and it actually looked pretty good. Fortunately, I had a chance to try it tonight as part of a catered corporate event.

Because it was catered, everything was prepared ahead of time and just sitting out for anyone to pick up. That meant that those buns above were cold. But yeah, I guess I can see why this place is so loved. That avocado and mint thing in the foreground in particular was a favorite of mine. I might actually try to go back to the actual food truck one of these days.

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