Sunday, June 09, 2013

Wrapping Up the World Streetfood Congress

Bhaskar Mysore Chamundeshwari's Garlic Chicken

So this is actually my sixth time here in the past seven days. And there were really just two things fueling that. First, they started comp'ing people at the door earlier in the week, so this basically became an expensive hawker center rather than an event that one had to pay to enter. But more importantly, I came back for La Guerrerense. Sure, that Karnatakan garlic chicken above that I tried in between meals was, well, garlicky. But La Guerrerense was the only stall that I consistently ate at during all six visits.

Bánh Xeo and Bánh Khọt

Actually, there was one peculiar thing that happened tonight. There were two stalls whose lines were longer (much longer) than La Guerrerense, and those were two Vietnamese stalls. One was selling a banana sticky rice that pretty much tasted like it sounded. But the other one was selling bánh xèo together with those smaller bánh khọt, and admittedly it was probably my second favorite stall of them all. Sure, there are plenty of places in town to get bánh xèo, but this guy made his nice and small, coming off of the pan piping hot, going down easily with all of those fresh herbs.

Porc Sandwich

And yes, that Noma-affiliated Meyers Køkken place was finally open midweek, where they made a pork sandwich that was filled with contrasting textures and flavors of apple, crackling, and other goodies. It was fine, but I'm not sure why they were so erratic with their opening hours. Even tonight, they were closed, which must have bummed anyone who had only arrived hoping to get it. And interestingly, La Guerrerense sold out before the sun went down tonight, so hopefully anyone who wanted to get those wonderful tostadas got a taste before then. Either way, I must to go to Ensenada at the next chance that I get.

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