Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Super Loco at the Quayside

Tacos de Huitlacoche and Tostadas de Cangrejo

I was so pissed off when Lucha Loco changed their menu last year that I swore never to go back there again. So when they opened up their new place (60 Robertson Quay, 6235-8900), I didn't really have any desire to go their either. But tonight, I had a meeting nearby and I needed some food, so I stopped by to see what it was like.

To my surprise, huitlacoche was back on the menu (yay!). And they had a perfectly seasoned quinoa salad, which if I recall correctly was one of the things that I liked so much when I first went to Lucha Loco. But alas, those crab tostadas in the background of the photo above were just scoops of crab salad dumped onto a tostada. Somehow I had imagined something completely different when I saw it on the menu, which mentioned "habanero oil, avocado, and chives." I won't get those again.

If I come back, then I'll need to be very selective on what I order. In that sense, my first choice for Mexican food in Singapore is still El Mero Mero. And for fish tacos, I'll go to SeƱor Taco instead, especially since Super Loco's menu disappointingly said that their fish tacos were accompanied by a mango salsa.

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