Saturday, February 21, 2015

El Mero Mero Cocina Mexicana, Singapore

Pulpo a las Brasas

One thing that I've become very wary of over the years is the idea of Mexican food in Singapore, as it's been so difficult to find a place that did a good job of it. At one point Lucha Loco gave me hope, but then they changed their menu for the worse, after which I just threw my hands up in the air and gave up. Maybe that's why I never bothered to go to this place even though they've been open at CHIJMES for a while now (30 Victoria Street #01-20, 6337-1377).

Oh man, have I been missing out...this place was fantastic! They used proper double-layered corn tortillas in their tacos, and the pulpo above was grilled and seasoned perfectly. To be sure, it was all really more of a playful and upscale interpretation of Mexican food, as seen in the baby corn used for the esquites, the kurobuta used in the tacos, or even the rum, tequila and honey used in my "old fashioned Chicano."

I loved it all either way, as the food was just plain good and respectful of its ingredients (I, for one, was particularly impressed with the care that went into something as simple as the garnish for the tacos). On that note, it looks like this is run by the SeƱor Taco guys, which is perhaps shouldn't be a surprise, seeing how I sometimes find myself wolfing down three or four of their fish tacos after some drinks. I'll easily be back here too.

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