Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Lucha Loco Has Changed Its Menu (Noooo!!)

Tostaditas de Cangrejo

Oh man, Lucha Loco changed its menu, and not necessarily for the better. Apparently they didn't change owners nor chefs, but the menu nonetheless was refreshed a couple of months ago, and the huitlacoche is now gone. Arghh!!

I suppose that it shouldn't be that much of a surprise though. Seriously, was there that big of a market here where it made financial sense for them to be hauling huitlacoche all the way across the Pacific?

Fortunately, the new food was still edible, but was also too dressed up and lacking in excitement for me. Sigh. There goes the only Mexican restaurant that I was willing to go to in Singapore. Well, I guess I can still get some post-drinking fish tacos at SeƱor Taco.

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Dan Durkin said...

I'm sure the huitlacoche was purchased locally through Belmonte, where I've purchased it. Seriously, the canned stuff isn't all that great, when you taste it straight it tastes mostly of the can it was in. Fresh is a totally different story, that stuff is a funk bomb