Saturday, November 02, 2013

Randomly Finding Fish Tacos in Singapore

Fish Tacos

Ever since that run to Ensenada in September, I've been all over fish tacos. And yet when places in neighboring California still had trouble getting it right, I had little faith in any establishments outside of Baja to be able to do a proper one. So I was surprised to find that Hombre Cantina (53 Boat Quay, 6438-6708) did one that was much better than I thought it would be, with a thin and freshly fried batter all wrapped up in corn tortillas that made these things go down in a jiffy. It wasn't without effort though; if I had followed the instructions listed on the wall, I would have ended up with a bunch of unnecessary fillers (they also make Mission-style burritos here, if it helps give some context). At least they had micheladas and even elote available.

Fish Tacos

And no, I didn't wasn't planning to get more fish tacos later. But after stumbling around to a few other places including Wrap & Roll as well Maison Ikkouku in Kampong Glam (nice cocktails!), I needed a little more food to seal the deal, and I stopped at Clarke Quay where I was intending to go to Shiraz for some koobideh. Instead, I ended up at SeƱor Taco on the other side, whose fish tacos were better than I thought they would be, especially when I dabbed on some of that potent orange-colored habanero sauce. I liked it enough that I even got a second one, which admittedly was overbattered, but nonetheless it still hit the spot.

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