Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Taqueria El Farolito, San Francisco

Regular Carnitas Burrito

The first time I had one of these foil-wrapped burritos in the city, I couldn't understand why everyone up here loved them so much. I mean, the thing was just loaded up with so much rice and beans that it was just stuffing my belly without much taste. Tonight I took the BART down to the 24th Street Station to this place (2779 Mission Street, 824-7877) in the hopes that maybe a proper San Francisco burrito from the Mission District would be different.

Unfortunately, this thing was...well, loaded with tons of beans and rice. The carnitas were not crispy either, although at least those grilled jalapeños kept things fun. Next time I'll see if I can get them to tweak things a bit like they do at La Costeña (they did ask if I wanted "everything" in my burrito after all). There is also another shop just down the street in the other direction called La Taqueria that apparently doesn't use rice; maybe that will be more to my liking.


JinSF said...

If you make it down to 24th again, try Taqueria Vallarta near Harrison and 24th. You'll know the place because it is the only place with the taco guy and cooking area at the entrance to the place. Stick with the "other bits" like buche, lengua and seso (if they have it - and they cut it with other "bits" now). As for burritos, the trucks are a better bet.

Rodney said...

Always been a fan of Pancho Villa on 16th/Valencia. They do mission style burritos with not quite so much rice and beans. Neat place too.

seow said...

La taqueria is really really good. I miss it so much. They have amazing tacos. I think they have tongue. Super shiok!