Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dashi Master Marusaya is Back in Singapore

Dashi Zaru Udon

I was walking by here the other night when I had to stop myself in my tracks. Marusaya...really? Yep, Marusaya from Lau Pa Sat was back, and this time as an air conditioned izakaya (86 Robertson Quay #01-01, 6732-0383). And to my surprise, they were open for lunch too. I eagerly looked forward to coming over.

My first priority was to try the pure broth, so I got an ochazuke, where the deep smoky savory dashi shone through. That alone was not a meal though, so I grabbed a wafudashi pasta (love how the butter and mentaiko mixed in with the stock), as well as that refreshingly cold ramen above, complete with bonito flakes.

And yes, I liked it all, even if I ate nothing but carbs. Not to worry though; I'm sure that I'll be back here again soon to actually try some of the izakaya items, not to mention many of the other things that they offered like shabu shabu. This was definitely a step up from Lau Pa Sat.

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