Saturday, October 01, 2011

Miz Japanese Restaurant in Tanjong Pagar

Samon Harasu Yaki

Whoa - that was surprisingly good. See, I've been eating some of their fast weekday lunches here in Singapore from time to time (7 Craig Road, 6225-5761), but usually those are just cheap and simple meals that aren't really anything so exciting that I would mention them, even if they were of acceptable quality. But today we ordered off their a la carte menu, which I believe they use in the evenings in more of an izakaya-style setting. And the things that we got were like night and day compared to those plain vanilla lunches during the week.

Ninniku Bataa Udon

This cold garlic butter udon is a case in point. I figured that it was just the noodles that were served cold, but it turned out that the butter was cold too...and more surprisingly, the garlic was raw. It sounds kinda nasty, but it was uniquely satisfying, especially when the rich butter and pungent garlic was counterbalanced with a scoop of caviar. Granted, even *I* couldn't stand being within a 50 foot radius of myself after eating so much raw garlic, but it was good.

Ume Ochazuke

Even a simple ochazuke was presented traditionally with a little kettle on the side, and it was light yet satisfying. Oh - and that salmon belly at the top was from their list of specials today. It was seasoned perfectly and was deliciously fatty, while the skin was grilled for aroma and crispiness. Ordering small plates like this of course got much more expensive, but the food was just so much better this way. I won't even bother with those lunches here anymore; I need to save my money to eat the good stuff after hours instead.

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